It is one of the most complete and advanced vocational tests in the world. It makes a complete and comprehensive evaluation to detect your true vocations and ideal careers, based in the analysis of 180 psychometric factors and a highly specialized counseling team, so you can choose your career with the scientific and professional support that one of the most important decisions of your life deserves: "the professional career that will take you to success."

*Spanish and English versions are available to attend both individuals and institutions throughout the continent.

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What will you get?


With a foundation in neurosciences and the last technological advances, we evaluate and create charts of more than 180 indicators of intelligence, personality, competences, skills, and vocational interests. (This is the most complete study available)


Additionally, based in this incredible foundation, you will receive a practical and easy-to-understand personalized result that shows the following:

  • Your main vocations.
  • Ideal careers and occupational clusters.
  • Optionally, a list of public and private universities in Mexico that offer them.
  • Job market.
  • All the required information for you to choose your career with the appropriate support so you avoid abandoning your studies due to a carelessly or misinformed choice.

Vocational Intelligence


Finally, our highly specialized personnel will guide and counsel you in detail during an interview, in which your parents also participate, where we will help you make the right choice.

Moreover, we will explain you all the assessed indicators, with which you will be able to benefit your academic performance and your global development (including multiple intelligences, social, emotional and cognitive skills, learning styles, risk factors, among others).


Parents, by knowing their children's complete profile, will be able to understand them, contribute in the strengthening of their opportunity areas, as well as in their global development, and support them to better face the educational, psychosocial, and labor challenges of the 21st century.

Concepts such as business intelligence or financial intelligence refer to the strategic information, the analysis, and the decisions that explain and determine a company's success. Under this same train of thought, Vocational Intelligence means knowing the complete psychometric (intelligence, personality, and vocations) and vocational information (careers, universities, and job market), and receiving the expert guidance (personalized coaching) you need to make the correct decisions in your life and career plan to strongly favor your professional success.

Your success deserves the best!

Vocational Intelligence was designed and validated for America and Latin America and gives more indicators and scientific grounds than any other vocational test. It is based on an advanced multidimensional technology that performs a systematic analysis of intelligence and personality, and it fully analyzes aptitudes, attitudes, competences, vocations, and risk factors; however, it is very accessible in every way. Moreover, results are friendly and understandable at first glance.

It evaluates more than 180 factors within the following areas:

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Vocational Intelligence

This cutting-edge tool was designed based on the theories of learning and authors of greater acceptance and utility in the academic and psychological field, and today is cataloged as the most comprehensive psycho-pedagogical profile evaluation tool in Latin America and other regions.

Vocational Intelligence allows you to build the foundations of your dreams with the most advanced technology.

Your academic, labor, and economic future deserves and needs this quality of orientation!

A superficial, inadequate, or null orientation can produce mistaken, frustrated or unemployed professionals.

Investing in the most complete and advanced vocational study is the best investment you can make for your personal and professional future, since from your career choice will depend the next 50 years of wage, motivation, and self-realization.

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$220 USD
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