The 21st century poses new educational, psychosocial, and laboral paradigms. The increasing rates of academic backwardness and school/college dropout are well known; and, on the other hand, the labor competitiveness and selectivity, as well as market competition amongst educational institutions themselves.

The continuous improvement in the educational quality, centered in the psycho-pedagogical support and complemented by a good vocational orientation, are key elements to face such challenges.


VOCATIONAL INTELLIGENCE becomes a strategic instrument that simultaneously provides the materials to globally support all these elements.

  • It gives the most complete, reliable and grounded vocational orientation in the market.
  • It evaluates 180 intelligence, personality and competences factors (ideal for supporting psycho-pedagogical and/or counseling support, which is an important added value).
  • It provides the pertinent technology and information to institutions to progressively improve their educational quality in an accessible and practical way.


VOCATIONAL: An already-interpreted report with abilities and interest according to high school areas of study; also, it shows the four main vocations with the ideal and alternative careers, and, optionally, the related vocational information.

PSYCHOMETRIC: It provides teachers, school counselors and principals a bigger direction and effectivity in their valuable job, by generating a comprehensive, reliable and understandable graphic report that allows them to know those students who require special support in the development of their competences and the control of their behavior or emotional situation; it as well allows to implement accurate, timely and supported preventive and remedial actions that really favor in depth the academic achievement, metacognition and the integral development of the students. In other way, we will continue to be exposed to only belatedly react when situations hard to correct show up, such as academic backwardness and school dropout.

Vocational Intelligence

Vocational Intelligence

Inteligencia Vocacional is a psycho-pedagogical and vocational assessing instrument designed and validated for Americans and Latin Americans that is really complete and effective; it is a key and comprehensive support that provides a profound, useful and accurate help for choosing a profession. Moreover, it provides the materials to improve the psycho-pedagogical interventions and to set up the effort of the educational community in favor of students.

Evaluation instruments that are used by educational institutions to provide vocational orientation, whether internal or from an external supplier, are usually based in old and foreign tests (even if applied online) that assess very few skills and show an insufficient and/or subjective profile that it is usually translated into a superficial vocational orientation that dissatisfies students and their parents, now or later on, when mistakes in career choosing and career dropouts occur.

Inteligencia Vocacional is the best instrument an institution can have because it gives a much more complete, reliable and pertinent profile that leaves students and their parents widely satisfied and oriented; it provides 180 intelligence, personality and vocations indicators, which makes it the most complete and advanced instrument in the world.

IT PROVIDES A DOUBLE UTILITY: besides the vocational result, it gives a complete strategic and pertinent psychometric record for the psycho-pedagogical accompaniment which, additionally, nowadays is demanded for the institutions’ certification.

At the same time, it delivers a clear and useful vocational profile already interpreted that deeply helps achieving an adequate orientation and that provides students and orientation professionals an objective, clear, and effective support to achieve the goals, not only in the Vocational Orientation subject or the institution’s, but also the students’ and their parents, with a view to professional success through the decisive, strategic and evident support of the educational institution.

Schools will count with 180 psychometric indicators to better know their students and provide them an even more personalized service to favor their knowledge (knowing to be, knowing to know and to learn, knowing to do and to undertake) and their global development.

To vocationally and psycho-pedagogically orient their students with a support of this magnitude, positions the educational institution at the forefront of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the TAC's (Learning and Knowledge Technologies). Moreover, it favors:

  • The students’ and their parents’ level of satisfaction, their opinion, and institutional recommendation.
  • The educational quality and the permanence rate and academic success (interventions).
  • The use of institutional resources (counseling, psychology, conferences).
  • The stability and performance in their studies and, as a result, the image and acceptance of your school before the institutions where they get admitted.

We can provide our services to educational institutions, may they be junior highs, high schools or colleges, public or private, in any part or México and some places in USA

  • Your students would apply the online test (2:30 hrs.) with or without our presence.
  • We would send you electronic and/or printed results.
  • You would receive the ideal support to maximize the utilization of the results.

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